Cone + B-Meg = Championships

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Being a die-hard Alaska Aces fan, I may not be able to get over the fact that Coach Tim Cone will now be officially manning the sidelines of B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados – the team who may be considered as one of the Aces’ original rival. I really can’t help but compare Phil Jackson with Tim Cone. Not because of the triangle offense, but the way he switched from the Chicago Bulls/Alaska Aces (winning tradition, championships) to the Los Angeles Lakers/B-Meg Derby Ace (rich, star studded team with a long lost winning tradition)
After seeing a snapshot of Tim Cone handling a B-Meg practice session in KKS. I got this weird fucked up feeling similar to when you play basketball after eating a dozen chicken wings in one sitting. In short, I wanted to puke my guts out.
But I really can’t blame the man. He has a family to support and he’s just protecting the best interests of his family.
No. fuck that.
He’s now with B-Meg because they can provide a better core of players to play for him. He’s now with B-Meg because they can go all out in paying their players to keep them happy and playing at a high-level. He’s now with B-Meg because its about damn time he gets the moolah he deserves.
All the best, Coach Tim.

After days of hearing rumors, its now official. Andy Barroca and his girlfriend will go to B-Meg Derby Ace when Barako Bull and (can’t help but read it as SHA-PENIS.COM, sorry) agreed on a 3-way deal 24 hours ago. Here’s my take on why this trade which will go down as one of the most lopsided pre-season swap in years.

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Don Allado is one of the most reliable backup C/PF in the league…granted that he woke up on the GLORIOUS side of Maricar Allado’s bed. See, Don Allado can grab a couple of boards, he can defend and pretty much just throw his weight around the block. In short, if he’s not in the mood – he’s just an old, fat dude out there ready and willing to spend all his 6 fouls on the opposing squad. So that being said, if you’re B-MEG, you just gotta make a damn deal. Especially with Richard Reed’s secret son’s in Rafi Reavis and Rico Maierhoffer waiting to contribute again with twice the amount and effort that Don puts in every night.

So who do you call if you wanna make a ridiculously upside down deal look normal?

Whoelse? “Ang Hari ng Padala” Air21 Conduits.

Seriously, I don’t give a fuck if they call themselves the Air21 Express, Burger King, Barako Bullshit. They can call themselves Dora Ratkillers for all I care.

But as far as I’m concerned, they’re the PBA’s bitch. Period.

Andy Barroca is one of the best offensive young guards in the country (with all due respect to JV Casio) and has the makings of an above average do-it-all guard in the PBA. Swapping him (along with his GF) for sophomore Elmer Espiritu via Don Allado is like trading away your Brand new Ducati bike for a pair of worn out Levi’s Jeans for crying out loud. I can imagine the look on Shopinas head coach Franz Pumaren’s face right now. Damn.

Quite honestly, I never heard of Julius Pasculado not until the Aces selected him 14th overall in the 2011 PBA Draft. A lot of people and basketball minds have been raving about this kid and the curiousity inside me grew into a full blown mission to see what he can really bring to the table. Below is the exact clip from the draft where he was asked about the things that he can bring to the table for the Aces.

He of course answered the way an unproven rookie should: By blurting a smorgasbord of bullshit lines like ‘I can play defense and hustle’, ‘grab a couple of rebounds and set people up’, ‘Im a team player’.

Pasculado is a 6’0 guard who can play both point and off guard positions. A Cebuano who grew up in Chicago and viciously murdered a lot of ankles in that city for the last couple of years. I looked him up on YouTube to witness the hype…and damn this kid can FLAT OUT PLAY! He reminds me a lot of a young JJ Helterbrand with some flashes of a healthy Mike Cortez.

Yeah, mixtapes don’t show you the player’s weaknesses and dark sides…but seeing this kid cross people up like he’s part of the And1 mixtape Tour, slash to the basket with ease and make plays for himself and his teammates is pretty remarkable for an unknown prospect. Here’s the good news, playing alongside (and will most likely be mentored by) LA Tenorio will definitely improve his overall court awareness and knowledge of running the triangle.

Here’s one of JP3’s pet move back in the States.

If the Aces screw this one up and not even offer this guy a contract, I will personally boycott all Alaska Aces games this conference. So help me God.

All I can say right now is FUUUUUUUUUUCCCK!

After dancing in the streets in jubilation after witnessing not one, but TWO steals by the Alaska Aces in the 2011 PBA Draft by acquiring Ateneo stalwart Eric Salamat and Chi-Town phenom Julius Pasculado in the second round, I found myself shitting my pants when I read the news about legendary coach Tim Cone parting ways with the team he steered to 13 championships in 22 years.

Tim Cone requested to be released so he can look into other coaching opportunites. Yeaaah right Tim. I know you’ve given everything to the organization and have turned a bunch of regular players into legitimate superstars. A hell lot of players owe him a lot of money. I know you have given your all every game, every practice and yet the Alaska organization still continued to give great players away because they’re strict Alaska Aces police. But fuuuck Tim. Fuck. We need you. Not to take anything away from Zen Master Joel Banal (who’s a champion coach on both college/pro levels) but the Aces ain’t gonna be the same without Coach Tim.

He is the Ace among all the Alaska Aces and I doubt he’ll be away for too long.

I’m about to celebrate my __th birthday this Friday and I don’t know if the basketball Gods heard my prayers but I just got news that NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, Tyreke Evans, Chris Paul and reigning MVP Derrick Rose will be playing in (2) exhibition games here in Manila! They’ll be up against current PBA superstars on Saturday (July 23) and the Smart Gilas team the following day (July 24) at the Big Dome.


This is an exciting week for PH basketball and I’m elated to see the PBA doing something to heighten up their campaign in making  the players more visible and more involved in these big-time events. This is what I’m talking about! Kudos to whoever is in charge of this event! But if you are planning to watch the games live to see these legends in the flesh as close as possible, you best be ready!

patron A – P5,700
upper box a-P1,500
upper box b-P850
gen admin-P350

This event is HUGE. This is definitely way bigger than Shaq’s visit back in the late 90’s. Way bigger than the NBA legends featuring Chris Webber, Gary Payton and Vlade Divac last year. I will go out of my way to support this event. Long live PH basketball!

LA Tenorio is currently the most efficient and game changing point guard in the PBA.

Yes. I said it.

I love Jimmy Alapag’s game. I’ve been a fan of Jimmy since he first came into the league and pretty much SNATCHED the ‘Best-new cat on the block’ title from 1st overall pick Mike Cortez back in 2003. Winning ROY and winning the hearts of Filipinos across the nation.

Fast forward to 2011. Jimmy’s still one of the most respected players in the league and is destined to be a future PBA hall-of-famer with the amount of punishment he brings night in and night out.

But for the time being, LA Tenorio will be considered as the best court general in the game today, pound-for-pound. I bet if you ask Jimmy right now who’s the best point guard in the game today – he will tell you its Tenorio.

Was it a case of being at the right place at the right time with the right system? Tenorio became a quality backup point guard to superstar court general when he was traded from San Miguel Beer for (wait for it…Mike Cortez). At that time, the Alaska Aces were expecting a true point guard who can set the triangle, anchor the perimeter defense, knock down some shots from time to time and just be where they need him to be while Willie Miller does his usual MVP type thing.

The Aces didn’t know that they just made another trade that would make the 3-headed monster of Uytengsu, Trillo and Cone look like geniuses (again – exhibit A: Kenneth Duremdes for Dwight Lago). Now its no secret that Mike Cortez didn’t really lived up to the hype. He was a solid player at most but the heart is just not there. But with ‘Tiñiente Tenorio’ (as heard from Mico Halili) you’ll get the total package. Heady point guard with a heart as big as Alvin Patrimonio’s. The shooting touch of a Ronnie Magsanoc, the guts of a Sonny Jaworski and the brilliance of  Hector Calma all rolled into one. The scary part is…he’s just starting to heat the fuck up.

Tenorio is currently averaging 13 pts 5 rebs and 5 assists and countless times where he called for his own number during the last moments of the game so he can take over. The 2011 season and the Governor’s cup is not even halfway through but at the rate things are going – he may end up back in the Mythical Five edging out Alapag. I’ve seen the man play on TV, I’ve seen the man play in person many times and anyone who witnessed the man play will sense that Tenorio is playing not just to win another championship for the Aces or snatch the best player of the conference award…

He’s out to solidify his ground as THE best point guard in the league second to none.


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I first noticed these absolutely stylish DIGITAL SOCKS when I was watching the NBA Rookies/Sophomores game last February during the NBA all-star break. It caught my attention because it looks unique, flashy and its defnitely an eye candy for a hoophead like me.  

Last Sunday when I watched Air21 vs. Alaska, Leo Avenido, for the first time in his career, caught my attention. He (and Paul Artadi) were rocking these digisocks and I wouldn’t mind wearing them as well but I just did a little research and its around a whopping 1,200 bucks here.  Sweet Jesus.