LA Tenorio is currently the most efficient and game changing point guard in the PBA.

Yes. I said it.

I love Jimmy Alapag’s game. I’ve been a fan of Jimmy since he first came into the league and pretty much SNATCHED the ‘Best-new cat on the block’ title from 1st overall pick Mike Cortez back in 2003. Winning ROY and winning the hearts of Filipinos across the nation.

Fast forward to 2011. Jimmy’s still one of the most respected players in the league and is destined to be a future PBA hall-of-famer with the amount of punishment he brings night in and night out.

But for the time being, LA Tenorio will be considered as the best court general in the game today, pound-for-pound. I bet if you ask Jimmy right now who’s the best point guard in the game today – he will tell you its Tenorio.

Was it a case of being at the right place at the right time with the right system? Tenorio became a quality backup point guard to superstar court general when he was traded from San Miguel Beer for (wait for it…Mike Cortez). At that time, the Alaska Aces were expecting a true point guard who can set the triangle, anchor the perimeter defense, knock down some shots from time to time and just be where they need him to be while Willie Miller does his usual MVP type thing.

The Aces didn’t know that they just made another trade that would make the 3-headed monster of Uytengsu, Trillo and Cone look like geniuses (again – exhibit A: Kenneth Duremdes for Dwight Lago). Now its no secret that Mike Cortez didn’t really lived up to the hype. He was a solid player at most but the heart is just not there. But with ‘Tiñiente Tenorio’ (as heard from Mico Halili) you’ll get the total package. Heady point guard with a heart as big as Alvin Patrimonio’s. The shooting touch of a Ronnie Magsanoc, the guts of a Sonny Jaworski and the brilliance of  Hector Calma all rolled into one. The scary part is…he’s just starting to heat the fuck up.

Tenorio is currently averaging 13 pts 5 rebs and 5 assists and countless times where he called for his own number during the last moments of the game so he can take over. The 2011 season and the Governor’s cup is not even halfway through but at the rate things are going – he may end up back in the Mythical Five edging out Alapag. I’ve seen the man play on TV, I’ve seen the man play in person many times and anyone who witnessed the man play will sense that Tenorio is playing not just to win another championship for the Aces or snatch the best player of the conference award…

He’s out to solidify his ground as THE best point guard in the league second to none.


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