What’s My Name? : Julius Pasculado

Posted: September 3, 2011 in What's my name?

Quite honestly, I never heard of Julius Pasculado not until the Aces selected him 14th overall in the 2011 PBA Draft. A lot of people and basketball minds have been raving about this kid and the curiousity inside me grew into a full blown mission to see what he can really bring to the table. Below is the exact clip from the draft where he was asked about the things that he can bring to the table for the Aces.

He of course answered the way an unproven rookie should: By blurting a smorgasbord of bullshit lines like ‘I can play defense and hustle’, ‘grab a couple of rebounds and set people up’, ‘Im a team player’.

Pasculado is a 6’0 guard who can play both point and off guard positions. A Cebuano who grew up in Chicago and viciously murdered a lot of ankles in that city for the last couple of years. I looked him up on YouTube to witness the hype…and damn this kid can FLAT OUT PLAY! He reminds me a lot of a young JJ Helterbrand with some flashes of a healthy Mike Cortez.

Yeah, mixtapes don’t show you the player’s weaknesses and dark sides…but seeing this kid cross people up like he’s part of the And1 mixtape Tour, slash to the basket with ease and make plays for himself and his teammates is pretty remarkable for an unknown prospect. Here’s the good news, playing alongside (and will most likely be mentored by) LA Tenorio will definitely improve his overall court awareness and knowledge of running the triangle.

Here’s one of JP3’s pet move back in the States.

If the Aces screw this one up and not even offer this guy a contract, I will personally boycott all Alaska Aces games this conference. So help me God.

  1. PFC Joseph Anderson says:

    The hype is true. I’ve personally witnessed the kid do his thing. Moreover, he’s a quiet storm and a humble guy. He doesn’t talk much verbally, but say’s what he has to on the court. It’ll be interesting to see him bring some of that Chi-Town Ball back to his homeland.

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