Cone + B-Meg = Championships

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Breaking news
Being a die-hard Alaska Aces fan, I may not be able to get over the fact that Coach Tim Cone will now be officially manning the sidelines of B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados – the team who may be considered as one of the Aces’ original rival. I really can’t help but compare Phil Jackson with Tim Cone. Not because of the triangle offense, but the way he switched from the Chicago Bulls/Alaska Aces (winning tradition, championships) to the Los Angeles Lakers/B-Meg Derby Ace (rich, star studded team with a long lost winning tradition)
After seeing a snapshot of Tim Cone handling a B-Meg practice session in KKS. I got this weird fucked up feeling similar to when you play basketball after eating a dozen chicken wings in one sitting. In short, I wanted to puke my guts out.
But I really can’t blame the man. He has a family to support and he’s just protecting the best interests of his family.
No. fuck that.
He’s now with B-Meg because they can provide a better core of players to play for him. He’s now with B-Meg because they can go all out in paying their players to keep them happy and playing at a high-level. He’s now with B-Meg because its about damn time he gets the moolah he deserves.
All the best, Coach Tim.

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